The weather is getting more unbearable by the day, so a popular choice of activity is to spend the day either at the beach/pool. If you feel like breaking the routine and trying something different, I really recommend wakeboarding. It’s a really fun sport, that is both challenging (while you are struggling to stand up on the board) and really rewarding (when you finally do get up and get the hang of it)! I personally struggled a lot until I finally made it up and was able to keep my balance. My brother had a good laugh watching me get thrown around from side to side, but the pain was all worth it the second I got up on my feet and started swerving around. You definitely get a nice adrenaline rush! The best tips I can give you are:

1. Do not Think….Relax, and just let the rope pull you up from the water.

2. Do not Give Up….Smashing into water isn’t that painful.

3. Go with a group of friends…You get a good laugh watching everyone’s experience 🙂

Getting set up:

You get informed about which position to stay in while you are in the water waiting for the boat to accelerate.

Important rule: Let go of the rope when you lose your balance and fall.

Within seconds, the guy turns back and sets you back up for your next try.


The biggest mistake I was doing was forcing myself up, not waiting for the rope to fully pull me up on its own.


…Struggling some more:



p.s. You get a nice view of Dubai Marina & The Palm


Location & Contact Number: Nautica 1992 – Habtoor Grand Beach Resort – Dubai Marina  – 0504262415

Price: 200 AED for 20 Minutes *But they are nice enough to keep you in the water until you get the hang of it… incase it takes more than 20 minutes*