Penguin Loving!

I was probably the HaPpIeSt person in the UAE the second I found out about Ski Dubai‘s latest addition to the family – The Snow Penguins!! Previously, the only place you’d be able to see penguins was at the Aquarium in Dubai Mall. At no point did I expect that I’d be able to experience a Penguin Encounter in the UAE…… but as always, the UAE never ceases to amaze you!

Ski Dubai offers 3 different  packages:

  1. Peng – Friend Encounter : 175 AED/Person – 40 minutes – Maximum group of 16 people including strangers

  2. Exclusive Peng-Friend Encounter: 500 AED/Person – 75 minutes – Minimum group of 4 friends – If you have 3 friends going with you, you get a private session

  3. VIP Private Peng Friend Experience: 850 AED/Person – 90 minutes – Minimum group of 4 friends –  If you want to go all out in Ski Dubai

The way to play it smart is to go with the Peng – Friend Encounter package and book your experience at a time in which there isn’t a lot of traffic – during the week! On the day of your booking call the Ski Dubai Kiosk regularly to see how many people have signed up for the encounter time slot you booked, and plan accordingly. I managed to book a “private” session for my sister & I, and got even more lucky and experienced more then the set agenda 🙂

The Penguin Encounter – Ski Dubai staff are very nice and friendly, but you might find that the sessions aren’t always as punctual as planned.

Inside the Penguin Aquarium:

Up Close and Personal with 3 Penguins: 

Location: Ski Dubai – Mall of the Emirates

Telephone: 044094090