Breakfast At Boulevard

One thing I look forward to the most on the weekend is a delicious and relaxing breakfast! Being my favorite meal of the day, I refuse to miss out on it on Friday & Saturday mornings.

If you feel the same way, one must try place is Boulevard Cafe in Downtown Dubai! It’s located in Al Manzil Hotel, where you can easily valet your car and stroll down to the cafe. It is Parisian styled & offers both indoor and outdoor seating, overlooking the Burj Khalifa.  It really is such a pleasant place to start off your day. It doesn’t get as packed or as stressful as the typical breakfast spots….& This is one of the main reasons why I love it!

The staff do their best to make you feel at home, and tend to remember you and your preference after a couple of visits.

The terrace has been equipped with huge fans that do a good job in keeping you cool during your stay.

Their menu offers a mixture of pastries, eggs, crepes, salads, and sandwiches.

Each dish is tasty, elegantly designed, and special in its own way.

(My Pick: Grape Fruit with Brown Sugar –  Muesli –  Omelette of the Day – w/ Halloumi & Peppers)

Boulevard Cafe also offers Loyalty Cards.

For every 50 AED spent, you get a stamp; Once the card is filled, you get 100 AED off your next meal 🙂

Have a Good Weekend!

Location: Al Manzil Hotel, Downtown Dubai

Telephone: 044285888

Price: ~50-150 AED