Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) Surfing

I kicked off my first SUP Surfing Lesson @ 8:00 AM in Nessnass Beach with Duco Maritime this weekend and I Absolutely Loved It for the following reasons:

1. You feel like your walking on water 🙂

2. Fun Work Out (Focusing mainly on your core strength & balance)

3. Beautiful View of Dubai’s Coastline

4. Mentally Soothing

5. Great Instructor

Duco, who is the owner of Duco Maritime, was my brother & I’s instructor for the hour long lesson.  From the get-go, you feel and see his passion towards the sports he teaches  and you think to yourself “Who better to learn from?”! We were taught all of the basic techniques, including: positioning, balancing, paddling, and turning. Unlike other instructors that time your session minute by minute, he allowed us to absorb and enjoy what we were doing, and of course gave us tips of what to do & not to do throughout the session.

Expect to fall and to get shaky legs while your trying to balance on the board and paddle in the right direction. Once you get the hang of it, you will truly feel like a surfer and start wanting to speed up, go further into the sea, and even try 360s.

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After you learn the basics, there are tours that can be arranged to take you around Burj Al Arab! Let me know if you are interested, as I’ll definitely be doing that soon.

Location: Duco Maritime – Nessnass Beach, Behind Sunset Mall, Jumeira 3

Telephone: 0508703427


Price: 150 AED/ Hour