The Armani Spa – A World Of Luxury

Fancy a  luxurious escape from the heat outside, and the hustle & bustle of the city? Why not spend a day getting pampered in one of the most sophisticated spas in the UAE – The Armani Spa in Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai.

I personally escaped a sandstorm the day I decided to go try out the Armani Spa & I must say it was a SWEET escape and a great decision. The whole experience made me feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and happy. The spa is very clean cut, modern, and uncluttered. The staff are friendly & calm. There is also an abundance of treatments you can choose from within three techniques:

1) Mu/Stillness: Treatments that create moments of stillness, peace, and relaxation.

2) Liberta/Freedom: Treatments that liberate the body; soothe muscles, joints and ligaments; and relieve physical stress.

3) Fluidita/Fluidity: Treatments that balance and energize the body and skin.

The treatment I chose was Freedom – Deep Tissue Muscle Tension Release Massage – It was heavenly!

 The second you arrive at the Armani Hotel entrance in Burj Khalifa, you are treated  like royalty.

When you enter the spa, you are greeted by your personal spa professional who provides you with an overview of your treatment for the day, and gives you a tour around the facilities. Facilities include: Outdoor Pool, State-of-the-Art Gym, Sauna, Steam Vapore, & Acqua.

The Entrance & Waiting Area:

The Lobby:

The Relaxation Room: 

Complimentary healthy snacks & beverages are available. If you get hungry there is also a bio, organic, and vegetarian Cuisine Menu from which you can order a meal from.

In my opinion, we all deserve to be pampered regularly 🙂

Location: Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai

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Price: ~500 AED Depending on the treatment you choose.