Jebel Ali Shooting Club

Pistol Shooting

It’s all about aiming for the bullseye and breaking clay plates!

The Jebel Ali Shooting Club is the perfect fortress for both experienced shooters and beginners who are interested in testing out their aim, and trying out different shooting techniques. The Club is located near the Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa, around 15 minutes away from Dubai Marina by car. The architecture of the club is quite impressive and reflects medieval forts. The staff are well – knowledged /experienced and do an amazing job in guiding you through your sessions. Safety remains the priority at all times, and the staff do a great job in ensuring that. Even though you’re in a shooting club, the environment is quite peaceful. You have your own space to concentrate on your aim and there are hardly any distractions.

Jebel Ali Shooting Club – Entrance

There are a number of well-maintaned outdoor ranges to cater to the shooting experience that you seek.

Jebel Ali Shooting Club – Indoors & Outdoors

There are three main shooting activities that you can try out:

Clay Shooting, Archery, and Pistol Shooting!

All of which I tried and loved!

Clay Shooting
Pistol Shooting
Pistol Shooting

Once your done with your shooting experience, you should check out the newly refurbished, tex-mex steak house, Shooters Restaurant.

It has a great view overlooking the outdoor ranges, with both indoor and outdoor seating. There is also a good variety of starters, salads, and grilled meat to satisfy your hunger!

Shooters Restaurant

If you are curious about your aiming skills, make sure to venture out to the Jebel Ali Shooting Club, and plan out an action-packed day/night with all the available facilities 🙂

Location: Jebel Ali, Near the Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa

Contact: +971 4 883 6555

Price: 50-220 AED ; Depending on the activity you choose.

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