Iftar at Cafe Blanc

If your looking for a restaurant/cafe that serves traditional Lebanese Cuisine for Iftar with either the option of a Set Menu or A La Carte Menu, then Cafe Blanc is a place you must try this Ramadan. I went to the Cafe’s location in Dubai Marina Mall. Reservations are not necessary, but if you’re going with a  big group and want to be safe, call and reserve a table.

In a  Nutshell: Great Service, Not Over-Priced, and the Food is Good 🙂

The Set Menu Contains:

1) A Ramadan Shot + Dates

2) Your Choice of Soup

3) A Choice of 6 Mezze

4) Your Choice of Main Dish: Either Kharouf Mehshe or the Daily Special:

Sunday – Moujadara w Salata ; Monday – Siyadiyeh ; Tuesday – Sheikh El Mehchi ; Wednesday –  Shish Barak w Riz ; Thursday – Dawood Bacha w Riz ; Friday – Riz a Djej ; Saturday –  Samkeh Harra

5) Kellah Ramadan

6) Choice of Sharab / Soft Drink

7) Coffee / Tea

I found the servings to be perfect. They aren’t huge, so not a lot of food is left over, and you don’t feel stuffed once you’re done with your meal. I tend to avoid restaurants that over do / over size their servings and set menu options, because a lot of food remains uneaten.

Locations: Dubai Mall, 04-4340828 ; Marina Mall, 04-4342731

Price: 120 AED for the Set Menu ; ~100-150 AED A La Carte

Website: http://www.cafe-blanc.com/