Al Maz By Momo

Fancy Moroccan Food? If you do…. Al Maz By Momo is definitely a restaurant to check out. This hidden gem is  located inside Harvey Nichols in Mall of the Emirates, away from the mall’s traffic. The restaurant has a very cozy environment and setting due to its North African themed decor. But, funny enough, while your walking through Harvey Nichols towards the restaurant, you don’t get that impression at all, and tend to directly assume its going to be a modern looking restaurant.

The restaurant has an indoor smoking & shisha area, and most importantly absolutely great food. Everything from the appetizers to the dessert are divinely delicious!

My personal favorite is their Couscous:

Ramadan Offers: A 175 AED Buffet Meal for Iftar time and a A La Carte Menu for Suhoor.

There are 2 More Days of Ramadan left to try out their Iftar! If you don’t get the chance, do plan a lunch/dinner date after Eid 🙂

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Location: Marina Mall, 04-409 8877 

Price: 100-200 AED