Horseback Riding in The Desert

Are you fond of horses? & Fancy a fun Arabian adventure in the desert? Horseback riding at Al Jiyad Stables is a great activity that involves getting away from the city and re-connecting with nature. Al Jiyad Stables, founded in 1989, is a family owned and run stable. You really feel the connection between the trainers and horses while you’re being shown around the stable. It’s a very homely, and warm-hearted place that has a lot of history.

I went for a 1 Hour Horseback Riding Session. Upon your arrival you get shown around the stable and get set up. You also get introduced to the horses and trainers, who are all very friendly. You don’t have to have previous horseback riding experience to enjoy this activity. The trainers inform you everything that you need to know, and escort you through the session. I was surprised and amazed when the manager himself escorted my sister and I. That’s when you know you’re in a great and welcoming environment!

All Set Up and Ready To Go:

The Adventure Begins:

During your session you get to build a relationship with your horse and become more familiar with what to do & what no to do. It’s a lot of fun!

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself chit-chating with your horse 🙂 

The stable is also conveniently located near Bab Al Shams Resort, where you can make a refreshing stop before heading back to the city.

Book a slot to experience this wonderful activity! Who knows, you might get hooked and sign up for training sessions 🙂

Location: Emirates Equestrian Centre, next to Dubai International Endurance City, Dubai

Website & Contact: ; 050-5599262 (Ali Al Marzooqi)

Price: ~150-200 AED, Depending on the package you choose.