Plaisir Du Chocolat

If you have a sweet-tooth, add Plaisir du Chocolat to your must-try list! Located in Mercato Center this Parisian styled hidden gem offers a calm environment to enjoy chocolate delicacies. I’ve been to Mercato Center a number of times, but never came across the cafe since I tended to explore the ground level shops and never focused on the selection of stores available upstairs. If you’re the same, make sure to amend this mistake the next time you visit by making your way upstairs! One of the greatest attributes of the cafe is that it is hidden and in a quiet section of the center.

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Plaisir du Chocolat offers a variety of delicious desserts and drinks:

I personally tried the chocolate fondant and truffles, and they were DeLiGhtFul! Their chocolate fondant is unique, as it’s prepared and served differently than the norm.

Plaisir du Chocolat is a great spot to lay back, have a cup of tea, and satisfy your chocolate craving with friends and family!

Location: Mercato Center, 1st Floor

Hours: 9:00am-10:00pm

Phone: 04 385 6919