Learn How to Roll at Chez Sushi

My favorite neighborhood sushi joint, Chez Sushi, recently launched their very first Sushi Rolling Class. The class was taught by a talented sushi master, who was previously the head chef at Sho Cho for 7 years.

Let's Roll

Chez Sushi transformed their interior set up to accommodate 9 cooking stations. Each station had all the ingredients and necessary tools to create 3 maki rolls and 1 temaki hand roll.

Let's Roll

The sushi master guided us through all the methods and techniques to roll, cut, and serve the perfect sushi rolls. We prepared california rolls, prawn tempura maki, and spicy tuna rolls.

photo 4

The class was insightful and a lot of fun. The chef was very helpful and assisted the class every step of the way…Making sure we didn’t add too much or too little of any ingredient. After the class was over we all sat and enjoyed our masterpieces…and I must say they were delightful! Edamame was served as an appetizer and mochi for dessert.

photo 1 (2)

Keep a close eye on Chez Sushi’s facebook page to get the chance to join in on sushi rolling fun!

Location: Chez Sushi, Al Wasl Square, Jumeirah

Price: 175 AED

For more details about Chez Sushi, click here!