Jet Set & MAC

Need to get all pampered up for an event?

I recently tried both Jet Set and MAC for hair and make-up, and I highly recommend both of their services.

MAC’s make-up artists fix you up exactly as you please. Whether you are going for a natural look or something over the top, they will make sure that they are picking the right cosmetic colors and styles every step of the way. The artists also align the MAC products to your skin type and explain the benefits of each product. I felt very comfortable and liked how my make-up artist actually listened to the style I wanted and stuck to it. MAC is open in Dubai Marina Mall, MOE in Harvey Nichols, Mercato Center, and Dubai Mall. You need to book an appointment with them in advance to ensure you get your 1 hour slot, since the make-up artists are limited in each branch.

I tried Jet Set in Grosvenor House for the first time, and was very happy with their hair styling team and especially their speedy service. Usually you have to allocate and buffer a lot of extra time when it comes to your hair appointment, since in most salons appointments do not run as planned and hair stylists take their time….BUT this isn’t the norm in Jet Set. The second you arrive for your appointment you are automatically taken care of and allocated a hair stylist. The decor of the salon is inspired by the aviation industry with a comfortable, modern, and simple feel. I was in and out of the salon within 45 minutes with a hair do that I loved and no delays 🙂

Next time you have an event, try out MAC and Jet Set!