#HomegrownLeaders: Nathalie Trad

Who is Nathalie Trad?

Nathalie Trad is a Lebanese born Fashion and Accessory Designer who has redefined the boundaries of fashion aesthetics. Her personal design entails taking classic shapes – ubiquitous in our natural environment- and radically transforming them. Nathalie’s 2013 inaugural collection, which includes handbags, clutches, and necklaces, is punctuated by chiseled contours, geometric structures, and sharp contrasts in color, texture, and pattern. Here is a snapshot of my favorite pieces from her exquisite collection:



For more details on Nathalie’s collection, click here!

Nathalie Trad’s Favorite Experience in Dubai…
“A fun experience in Dubai was a baking class I took with a friend at Top Chef. I learnt about the process of making french macarons from A to Z. It was a private class with french Chef Hadrien Villedieu. We spent the morning learning everything there is to know about the ingredients that go into making them, the utensils needed, the technique and chemistry that goes into making perfectly rounded, polished, crispy yet soft macarons. A process which as it turns out requires quite some muscle, attention to detail and lots of finesse. Needless to say they turned out delicious and perfect with the exception of one or two or three of four little accidents. I was happy to take them home with me, enjoy them and share them with my friends over the next few days (hours). Top Chef’s surrounding was warm, it felt as though we were baking at a friend’s house, and the villa is beautifully decorated. It was such a nice birthday gift to receive!”
I personally haven’t tried Top Chef Cooking Studio, but definitely plan to in the near future. For more details on Top Chef, click here!
Thank you Nathalie Trad for sharing your favorite experience with us! 🙂