Rossovivo – Real Napoli Pizza in Dubai!

Rossovivo is a small pizza joint located in Business Bay’s Millennium Tower. It’s not your ordinary fast-food chain or restaurant, it’s authentic, rich, and simple….a breath of fresh Italian air!


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The owners of Rossovivo strive to produce pizza according to the original process developed in Naples. They went to great lengths to build their own Forno Tradizionale Napoletano, by sourcing hand-made claybricks from a traditional small producer in Campania, and entrusting Giuseppe, a word-renowned builder from Naples, to put all the pieces together. The materials, shape, and structure of their oven ensure the right environment is constantly maintained to produce a light, fluffy base and an all-round perfect pizza.

The layout of Rossovivo isn’t really meant for dining in, but the experience of watching your pizza get prepared from start to finish right from their counter, and eating a fresh and crispy pizza straight out of the oven was amazing. I highly recommend it over ordering their pizza home.

The staff are very welcoming and friendly. They made a very positive impact on the overall experience with their recommendations and little tips on how to eat specific dishes. One of the staff actually recommended that we pour an espresso shot over our Tartufo and IT WAS DELICIOUS!

Pizza fanatic or not…Rossovivo is a must-try!

They currently only have one branch in Business Bay, but the inside scoop is that they are expanding into Media City very soon! Stay tuned đŸ™‚

Location: Millennium Tower, Business Bay