Craves Cookies

Craves is a boutique bakery that provides a collection of artisanal cookies made especially to order by YOU! Deena Mahdi, the founder of Craves, is very passionate about providing exceptional quality cookies, as she believes good quality cookies have become very hard to find (…and we agree). The focus on cookies has slipped, while cupcake bakeries have blossomed almost everywhere. Deena saw this gap in the market, and went full force into creating her own boutique bakery business from scratch! The result of all her hardwork is Spectacular! I forgot how delicious and divine cookies can be! My favorite was the chocolate chip cookie with nutella 🙂 But all the cookies are a must-try!



Craves cookies are made from scratch, solely handmade, and baked every single day to ensure freshness. Deena also provides customers with a customised cookie service, where you have endless options of ingredients to customise your perfect cookies for any occasion.

“We all have fond memories of cookies in our memories and there is no reason why we shouldn’t have the same memories now.” – Deena Mahdi

Website: Craves