Ramadan with Jarful

Jarful, a unique and fun way to enjoy delightful food and desserts out of a jar, is one of my favorite concepts in Dubai! (Jarful has previously been featured on The Scoop DXB, click here  for more details).
For Jarful’s first Ramadan, they decided to offer an exciting selection of Ramadan flavours:
Jarful Ramadan Offers
  • The Biscuit Medley consists of Date biscuits, Sesame Anise Seed biscuits, Chocolate Nutella biscuits, Vanilla Apricot biscuits, Pistachio Rose and Cardamom biscuits. The biscuit medley box comes in a set of 6 jars for 100 AED.


  • Meghli, one of my all time favorite desserts, comes in a set of 12 jars for 200 AED, or a set of 6 for 120 AED.

Jarful Meghli

  • Plain Muhalabiya & Qamardeen Muhalabiya (Milk Pudding) also come in a set of 6/12 jars. The set of  Plain Muhalabiya is 200 AED for 12 jars, and 120 AED for 6 jars. The set of Qamardeen Muhalabiya is 220 AED for 12 jars and 150 AED for 6 jars.

Jarful Muhalibiya

Jarful Qamardeen Muhalibiya

  • Sticky Date Cake, coated with Butterscotch Frosting just to satisfy your sweet tooth, comes in a set of 12 jars for 220 AED, or 6 jars for 150 AED.

Jarful Date Cake

Jarful Desserts are the perfect gift to take to an Iftar you are invited to this Ramadan, or even to order for an Iftaar/Suhour that you are hosting! They are absolutely delicious and very convenient to display/store/carry!

Jarful Ramadan Desserts

Place an Order: via email orders@jarful.ae; via telephone 050 887 9726

Social Media Sites: Jarful’s Facebook Page ; Jarful’s Website