Ramadan at Leila

Leila Restaurant, originally from Lebanon, is famous for fusing the authentic tastes of Lebanese cuisine together with a unique modern touch. This Ramadan, Leila is offering a variety of  traditional dishes and drinks for Iftaar and Suhour that truly make you feel and experience Ramadan the homely way!

Ramadan at Leila 2

Iftaar Experience, Seated Menu:

A refreshing selection of drinks (including Jellab), an Assortment of Dates, and Homemade Soup (Chicken Corn Soup, Lentil Soup) are offered to break your fast.

A great selection of cold and hot mezze (including  Fattoush, Batata Bel Kezbara, Hommos, Fatteh, Cheese Rolls, and Mtabbal Bathenjen) are served on your table.

Ramadan Leila Appetizer 1

For the main course, Leila offers 2 daily dishes to choose from. I highly recommend the Kharouf Mehshi!

Ramadan Leila Main Course 2

Ramadan Leila Main Course

Lastly, DESSERT….Indulge in Leila’s Authentic Lebanese Desserts and Turkish Coffee!

Leila Dessert

During Iftaar, Leila’s staff actively ensure that your dining experience is running smoothly. The set up and organization of the whole meal is great. Leila’s Iftaar Experience is definitely a must try this Ramadan!

For more details about Leila, click here.

Location: Mirdif City Center (Iftaar Only) ; Downtown Dubai (Iftaar and Suhour)

Price: For parties of two or more: 130 Dhs per person (shisha not included)