The Healthy Home

The Healthy Home (THH) is a Dubai-based home grown company that specializes in Indoor Environment Control. Using unique, dry, and chemical-free treatments, they promise to rid your furniture of any pathogens and impurities.

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THH provides an exclusive deep-cleaning and sanitizing treatment that eliminates dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, mold, and fungi from any home furnishings (mattresses, sofas, carpets and curtains).

Since I came across The Healthy Home, I’ve learned a lot about what could be “living” in my furniture and negatively affecting my health. No matter how spotless your home is, always keep in mind that there is more than meets the eye! THH strives to create awareness about Indoor Environmental Quality and hence their website is filled with very interesting facts (which I highly recommend you read through).

Mattress Treatment (in pictures):

All bed linens are removed.

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Your Mattress, Pillows, and Duvet are Vacuumed:

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THH takes you through an educational presentation about the treatment process and benefits:

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THH then uses an exclusive medical grade sanitizing device remUVe® which uses powerful Ultra Violet light to destroy DNA, eliminating any remaining dust mites, bacteria, mold and other pathogens, leaving the mattress completely sanitized.

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Interesting Facts About The Healthy Home & Indoor Environmental Quality:

“The Healthy Home® uses the only technology in the Middle East that can provide a 100% sanitized mattress.”

“60% of the dust mites and other pathogens that are found in the home are in the bedroom, the other 40% are found in the rest of the house”

“The launch of the company holds significant value to the owner of The Healthy Home as he ventured through several solutions to improve his son’s health, who was suffering from mild asthma and hay fever at the age of 16 months. Today, due to his extensive research and the services that The Healthy Home now offers, his son is able to play like a normal toddler without the worries of frightening asthma attacks,”


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