Butter Dessert Salon

Butter Dessert Salon is a Dubai based seasonal bakery. It is one of the very few dessert boutiques in Dubai to offer the latest dessert frenzy: Cronuts!

What are Cronuts? “The Cronut is the unique pastry creation by Chef Dominique Ansel that many have described to be a croissant-doughnut hybrid. After its launch on May 10, 2013, Cronut fans spanned the world from Berlin to Singapore, making it the most virally talked about dessert item in history. “

Butter Dessert Salon was the first bakery to offer Cronuts in Dubai, and they managed to rapidly create a buzz across the UAE. Due to high demand, order capacity, & Eid holidays, I had to anxiously wait for weeks to finally get the chance to try their cronuts. But when I took the first bite of their rose pistachio cronut, my first thought was: “The wait was definitely worth it!”…second thought: “DELICIOUS”!



Butter Dessert Salon does an amazing job in keeping up with dessert trends, and seem to strive to offer desserts that aren’t already available in the UAE. Next on my must try list are their Nutella Sea Salt Cookies 🙂

For orders, call 042038513 or e-mail butterdubai@gmail.com. Make sure to follow Butter Dessert Salon on Instagram @ butterdubai !