Dulce D

Dulce D is a homegrown bakery which provides Dubai residents with delicious cakes and treats that can be customized for all occasions. I recently indulged in a box of Dulce D treats, which included mouth-watering brownies and chocolate chip cookies:

Dulce D

Dulce D Brownies and Cookies

photo 3

photo 4

Needless to say they were delightful, especially the Nutella stuffed brownies! What I love most about Dulce D is the added effort taken to make all desserts look “oh so pretty” for events / occasions. Beautiful looking desserts are always harder to make, but Deema Dajani does a great job in making sure her desserts are nothing but delicious and pleasing to the eyes!  

Dulce D offers a variety of treats and is constantly adding new creations and seasonal flavours!

Dulce D Menu

To place an order E-mail Dulce D at orders@dulcedbakery.com or call +971507058458!

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