Vida’s Urban Picnic Brunch

Add flair to your weekend with a fabulous picnic in the heart of downtown Dubai! Vida Hotel’s 3in1 Restaurant recently introduced a new & unique urban picnic brunch concept. The brunch is available every Friday from 1-5:00 PM. 3in1 is transformed into a picnic setting, with “grass” covered indoor tables, picnic baskets for your food selection, and outdoor picnic areas near the pool.




The buffet consists of a variety of delicious food, displayed and presented in a picnic friendly manner. Personal favorites were the jars of salads and appetizers. Shopping around with a picnic basket makes the whole experience of picking food fun.


For mains, you can choose seafood/beef/chicken platters, which are served directly to your table!

One of my favorite menu items was the peanut butter and jelly pizza….definitely a MUST-TRY!



Switch out of your normal brunch routine and visit 3in1! Grab a basket, fill it with gourmet goodies and drinks, & relish delightful moments at the newest Friday brunch in town!

Location:  3in1 Restaurant, Vida Hotel, Downtown Dubai

Contact: 044286823

Price: 225/295 AED per person