Tom & Serg

Tom & Serg, Dubai’s newest home-grown urban cafe, recently opened its doors in Al Quoz.

Before you start thinking that Tom & Serg is your typical Dubai cafe, allow me to explain why it’s NOT:

1. Tom & Serg  are the passionate founders of this unique cafe. They work there just like any one of their staff members and they don’t stand out; But they will surely pass by your table for feedback on your experience and to introduce themselves.

2. Tom & Serg is only open from 8am-4pm. When I asked why…Serg responded by saying that they want to make sure their staff are always energetic and happy to work during the hours that they are there. The T&S team is young and diverse filled with great personalities!

3. Their menu constantly changes with new introductions almost every week.

4. They offer work spaces and wifi. It’s a great place to spend time during the day, ticking off your to-do list.

5. Their menu is simple… Their food is creative and delicious!

6. Not only is does T&S serve quality food, but also quality coffee! Jamie, their coffee barista / coffee expert will talk to you about anything to do with coffee, and help pair your desserts with your coffee choice to make sure you end your meal on a high note!

7. The space is a 2 floored warehouse with minimalistic  interiors (which is very refreshing to see in Dubai). I love the natural light, high ceilings, random bicycles, and their massive chalkboard wall!

I have visited T&S numerously in the past few weeks (you can easily tell, with all the pictures of their food below). I highly highly recommend to visit T&S for breakfast. On weekends, they serve breakfast all day :).

Still not convinced? Pass by and check it out for yourself… You won’t regret it!

Tom & Sergphoto 5Tom & SergTom & SergTom & SergTom & SergTom & Serg Tom & Serg Tom & Serg photo 1

Location: Al Joud Center, Al Qouz, Near Ace Hardware on Sheikh Zayed Road

Contact: 043388934

Social Media: Like, their facebook page! Follow them on Twitter @TOMANDSERG.

Tom & Serg