Launching People

“Discover what ignites your passion, That’s your real job here on earth. Let it light you up and then find a way to share that with other people.” Have you been itching to make an idea work? Aching to turn a dream into reality? We came across a great initiative launched by Samsung called “Launching People” that can make it all happen!

We all have dreams, ideas, and potential. Share yours with Samsung and with the support of mentors and their technology, they can help you launch it. There are 4 Project categories for submissions: Start-Up, Fashion, Invention, and Education. For more details on each category click here.

Samsung will launch the ideas of 4 people….the 4 people who get the most public support!

Here’s how the program works:


Samsung 2

Make the most out of your submission, let it be a reflection of your passion, make it fun and interesting! If you don’t intend to submit a project, take the time to explore and support the work of others. Click here to view creative project ideas and vote for your favorite!

Let us know if you submit a project by sharing your idea in the comment section below and we’ll make sure to support you 🙂