#HomegrownLeaders: Lana & Amer Aidi from Rice Creamery

Rice Creamery is one of my favorite home-grown dessert concepts in the UAE. There is always something special about taking a traditional dish and offering it in a fun, experimental, and creative way, without losing the specific touch that makes the dish oh so memorable.

This week, we chose to highlight the inspirational story behind the Rice Creamery and also an inside look into what Lana & Amer Aidi, the founders of Rice Creamery, enjoy doing the most during their free time in Dubai.

Lama & Amer

The Story:

Lana & Amer Aidi

For Rice Creamery, the way it happened was that we had been thinking of the concept for quite a while, actually 6 years to be exact. We spoke about it a lot and had been going back and forth, until we met Glee Hospitality F&B consultants. They basically gave us the tools to get it started and brought the operations together; they are the most amazing partners to work with. Our local partner as well, made the dream possible by believing in us and really pushing us forward. So with such a great team, the concept came together and we started experimenting with flavours and tastings, until we got the final list of flavours that we serve now. We are very proud of the concept, because people always ask us if it is a franchise, and we always answer ‘No, born and bread in the UAE :)’

We sell different flavours of rice pudding, along with a wide range of toppings. Basically you can create your own pudding to cater to your craving!



Living in Dubai since: 1983

What do you love most about Dubai? The ethnic mix and diversity. The acceptance of others. The security and stability this place offers.

Your Most Memorable Dubai Experience:

  • Experience Name & Location: Desert Camping

While I was growing up in the UAE, my family and I would go camping in the desert almost every weekend. Ever since then I’ve had an attachment to this experience and still long to escape whenever my family and I get the chance. The desert gives you a sense of peace that only a  few other places can. We would head out to the desert during the day and spend our time walking around, barbecuing, and dune bashing.

  • What did you love most about the experience? At night the sky is a canvas of stars.


Desert Desert 3 Desert 2