Mojo Reformer Pilates

Mojo Reformer Pilates is the latest fitness studio to open in Dubai Media City. I was very excited to hear about their opening…Finally something new and fitness related in DMC! Mojo offers a unique training method called “Cardio Pilates” that combines traditional pilates with dynamic strength training to achieve a full body workout. I’ve never experienced a reformer pilates class, so my first session with Mojo was very educational. When I first saw the Allegro 2 reformers, I was a bit worried about the use of the equipment, but at the same time really curious to see how the workout was going to unfold.

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The class involved a full range of movements and postures, paired with sets of pulses. Unlike traditional pilates, the 50-minute workout is fast-paced, with reduced rest times in between sets, and designed to make you sweat. Instead of holding a certain posture, you pulse with resistance! The instructors walk you through the class very smoothly, and you get accustomed to the equipment fairly quickly. With multiple resistance combinations and props the class is intense enough to challenge both beginners and advanced individuals.

After your workout is over, treat yourself to a refreshing cold-pressed juice or smoothie at Mojo’s Juice Bar. You can pre-order your juice or smoothie via e-mail or through their website, this way it’ll be waiting for you post your workout.

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Classes are available on weekdays from 7:00am till 9:00pm every hour on the hour. Private lessons are available as well for up to 2 people in a private room.

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Your First class is free, and with such a convenient schedule of classes, there is no excuse not to schedule in some Mojo time 🙂

Location: 7th Floor, Concord Tower, Dubai Media City

Website: I Love My Mojo ; Their website is very user-friendly and allows you to do to everything from booking your class, to choosing what body parts you would like focus on during your booked class, and even music selection!

Pricing: First class is free; Each session is priced at 110 AED “Pay as you Go”. For package details, click here.