Weekdays Deserve Some Love Too!

Kinfolk Magazine is an entertaining magazine for food enthusiasts and adventure-seekers, and an inspiring guide for small gatherings. It has become one of my favorite reads, ever since I first stumbled across it at The Magazine Shop in DMC. Their ninth volume inspired me to break my weekly work routine and think of ways to enjoy myself before work kicks off, and make the most out of my weekdays after work, versus waiting for the weekend to arrive to do what I love doing.

Work-life balance can be a challenge, especially in such a fast-paced city, but it’s very important not to give up on making your weekdays meaningful. Most of the inspiration that motivated me to take action came from the peace attached below.



It’s simple and small things that can make a big difference in your day-to-day life. Don’t wait for the weekend to do what makes you happy, after all weekends are only 2 out of 7 days a week, ~8 out of 30 days a month!

Here is how I’ve been keeping my weekday mornings full and alive: 

Coffee & Breakfast Dates before heading to work:

Urban Bistro - DMC
Urban Bistro – DMC
Lime Tree Cafe - DMC
Lime Tree Cafe – DMC
Bert's - Greens
Bert’s – Greens
La Gaufrette - Tecom
La Gaufrette – Tecom
Caribou - Greens
Caribou – Greens
PQ - Dubai Marina Mall
PQ – Dubai Marina Mall
PQ - Dubai Marina Mall
PQ – Dubai Marina Mall

(Thank you Toots & D for being my partners in crime :))

Dubai Marina Morning Runs & Bike Rides:

Byky - Dubai Marina
Byky – Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina

You feel like the day is yours when it starts as yours!