#HomegrownLeaders: Yas Saade from Urban Yoga

Urban Yoga is one of the most exciting yoga studios in Dubai. With classes scheduled at their new Business Bay Studio and On Location in unexpected venues there is always something new to try and enjoy. I experienced my first class with Urban Yoga at an Art Gallery in DIFC a few months ago and absolutely loved it due to the unconventional setting of the class. Being surrounded by art while practicing was very inspiring! They currently offer classes at The Archive in Safa Park, and The Magazine Shop in Dubai Media City.

This week, we chose to highlight the inspirational story behind Urban Yoga and also an inside look into what Yas Saade, the co-owner and behind the scenes yogi at Urban Yoga, enjoys doing the most during her free time in Dubai.

Urban Yoga

The Story:

Yas Saade:

A long-time dream come true for Kim and I – when the stars aligned and we started talking about the studio of our dreams, it didn’t take long to realize how similar these studios were.  This formed the philosophy and loft-inspired feel of Urban Yoga. With a passion for continued learning and growth, Urban Yoga provides anatomy-focused yoga instruction, which places the emphasis on your body and how to move it in a way that will benefit you both physically and mentally.

Urban Yoga 2

Living in Dubai since: Grew up in Dubai – moved here when I was 6 years old until I graduated High School. Moved to Canada for University and ended up working and living there for the last 10 years until deciding to come home to Dubai in 2012.

What do you love most about Dubai? The sun! 🙂

Your most memorable Dubai experience:

  • Experience Name & Location: Biking, Al Qudra Cycle Track near Bab Al Shams Resort.

One of my favorite Dubai activities is biking on the Al Qudra cycle track near Bab Al Shams. Arriving early in the morning with nothing around you but the desert sand really crystalizes what I love most about this city. So close to the buzz, lights and glamour of the new Dubai skyline, yet far enough to feel the silence of the dunes…with all the convenience and comforts of a pristine track. It is an incredible experience when just for a moment, Dubai belongs only to you.

For me, this is typically a Friday morning plan with the girls and the fun starts well before our 7am meeting time in the Madinat Jumeriah car park; as messages go back and forth ensuring everyone is up, awake and not hitting the snooze button. We stack our bikes into the fewest number of vehicles and get on the straight–line road into the desert to Al Qudra.

The lollipop track is approx. 86 km, consisting of “the stick” which is 18k each way and a 50km giant “lollipop” loop. The bike shop and café are located at the joining point and it’s super easy and affordable to rent bikes if needed. Although the car park can feel like a bustling community of ex-Tour de France riders, once you’re on the track, it’s you, your bike and in my case, my best friends.

What happens in the desert stays in the desert. This is the first rule. It’s the perfect time to catch up on the week’s gossip…and provided the wind is going the same way you are, the kilometers will fly by. And what happens when the wind’s in your face? It simply means the intensity of the workout goes up a notch and stories are interrupted with huffs, puffs and promises to do more cardio!

The second rule: set a distance goal and stick to it…And if that goal seems like a never-ending feat, remind each other of the amazingly decadent Nutella manousheh waiting for you at the café for a well-deserved post-ride treat…Hey, life’s all about the balance.

  • What do you the love the most about the experience?

When all’s said and done, you’ve worked out, caught up and nourished your soul…and it’s still 10am. Hands down, my favorite Friday morning Dubai activity!

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