Having a full time job and no house help makes cooking close to impossible during the weekdays. I’ve been living in Dubai since 2010 and can easily count the number of times I’ve stepped foot in the kitchen to cook any sort of meal. The most convenient option is always home/office delivery, which is hassle free but not the healthiest of all options. This lifestyle is the same for similar, employed individuals living without their families. It’s a shame since cooking is a healthy option, fun, and a good stress reliever. 


But for every problem there’s a solution! If you enjoy cooking and don’t have time to handle the whole process, Cook-a-Box has made cooking a much more convenient option!  Cook-a-Box is a Dubai-based recipe & ingredients delivery service, designed to make cooking at home easier and fun.

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When I came across Cook-a-Box I was directly drawn to the start-up’s services and couldn’t wait to experience it. They’ve made cooking a convenient option, and this is how:

  • On their website (, you choose a recipe from their Recipe Shop or Cook Book, as I like to call it.
  • You have the option of selecting your serving size. So if your cooking for friends or family, your box will cater to the number of people you want to cook for.
  • With a click of a few buttons, you select your preffered delivery date, and check out!
  • They do the grocery shopping for you and provide you with all the pre-measured and ready to cook ingredients; with the exception of sugar, salt, pepper, oil, and butter.  
  • They deliver your Cook-a-Box straight to your office or home, free of charge.



All that’s left for you to do is to cook and enjoy your wholesome meal! The service was very smooth; the quality of the food was great; and the portions were perfect. The cooking process took me more time than the recipe’s estimated time, but I’m sure it depends on your speed.

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Check Out their Facebook Page (click here) & Website

Happy Cooking 🙂