Fume (meaning: smoked) is Dubai Marina’s latest local neighborhood eatery. Located in Pier 7, their impressive red fire door is hard to miss. Within the instant you step foot into the industrial styled restaurant and bar, the vintage charm, panoramic views of the marina, and relaxed and friendly environment draw you in like quick sand.


This unique and homegrown eatery offers a global twist on comfort food. Meat and fish are cooked in an old fashioned manner, using coconut husks, charcoal and old whiskey barrel chips to enhance the flavor of the food.


The simplicity, yet high attention to detail of each design element combine to create a comfortable and enchanting environment. Bar flooring created using Scottish whiskey barrels, a functional and fully refurbished 1942 Coca Cola fridge, and a 1947 Herrick Fridge located in the bar all add to Fume’s vintage elements. (There is much more to discover, but I’ll leave that to you :))

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The menu (which is creatively put together using a hanger and displayed in the center of the restaurant) offers a great variety of options, guaranteed to satisfy all taste preferences. My appetizer & main course recommendations are the following (in no particular order):

1) Mushroom Emapanadas     2) Chicken, Shrimp, & Pomelo Salad

3) Crispy Duck, Watermelon, & Cashew Salad (Divinnneee!)     4) Honey & Chili Marinated Chicken

5) Angus Ramp Burger (Perfect for your burger cravings, especially after the beach)     6) Mac & Cheese

7) Hot Smoked Salmon, Teriyaki Sauce, Pickled Cucumber     8) Brisket   


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While ordering your food, bare in mind that you absolutely must keep room for dessert & coffee! Fume has laid out open Dessert and Coffee Stations, with the reason being mainly to tease you…..(Mission Accomplished)!  Instead of having dessert in the same space that you’ve consumed the first half of your meal, I highly recommend you move to the dessert bar, in which Chef Tecla openly prepares all her spectacular desserts right in front of you.


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Fume runs on a first come first serve basis and only takes reservations for 8+ groups. The restaurant’s environment is family friendly and unpretentious. Offering refreshingly affordable home-style dishes designed to reflect Dubai’s multicutural population,  Fume checks all the boxes for a spot that I happily call home away from home 🙂

Location: Fume, Ground Floor, Pier 7 , Dubai Marina

Social Media: Like! Their Facebook Page ; Instagram @Fumedubai

Contact: 04-421-5669