NYLA Method

NYLA Method is a barre fitness concept that recently launched in the UAE by wellness enthusiast Andrea DeBellis. Since its launch in March NYLA has set a new benchmark in the UAE’s growing fitness scene, offering fun & convenient workouts that promise outstanding results.  

Leading up to their studio opening,  NYLA Method has been offering pop up classes in various location across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They started off with offering classes in Mall of the Emirates, Emirates Golf Cub, and Monte Carlo Beach Club in Abu Dhabi with a main focus on showcasing their workout routines and offering sessions in convenient locations.

 I experienced my first NYLA Barre Basic Class in Ductac MOE.


The 60-minute workout targets problem areas, tones every muscle group, and boosts metabolism to enable sustainable weight loss.

NYLA also offers Barre-less classes making their original barre class accessible without utilising a ballet barre so that anyone, anywhere, can take advantage of this full body workout. Their most popular pop up initiative has been their Beach Body Beautcamp which launched on April 27th, in partnership with Fairmont The Palm Hotel and Voss Water.  


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Beach Body Beautcamp is a perfect regime to tone up and take a break from your daily routine! I absolutely loved each session I attended and was surprised at how energized I remained for the entire day. The location is stunning, and the view of Dubai Marina is a great distraction while you are sweating away. It’s also very motivating to see soo many ladies up bright and early, ready for a full body workout!  The session begins at 6:30am and ends at 7:30am leaving you with enough time to get to work by 8:30/9:00am 🙂 Beatcamp is available till May 29th, click here for more details!


The NYLA Team consists of 6 friendly, inspiring, and fun ladies. Each from different movement disciplines, including dance, Yoga, Pilates, weight training and physiotherapy, they add a great personal touch to each workout. Classes do no get easier, and the NYLA ladies make sure to challenge you past your comfort zone to ensure that you continue to get results from each and every session. 

Andrea DeBellis CEO and Founder comments: “We can’t wait to share our method and watch it transform bodies and lifestyles. We are thrilled to bring passion for wellbeing to the Middle East and help enhance and sustain a fun and welcoming fitness community”.

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Contact Details: 0526478270