Sunrise Nation’s Final Bonanza

Sunrise Nation has announced their final bonanza, before saying goodbye *just for the summer*, in A4 Space, Al Serkal Avenue on June 24th! Mark your calendars as it is planned to be the BIGGEST party yet and should not be missed!  

Episode 4 

In case you haven’t crossed paths with this initiative before: Sunrise Nation is a morning party that  provides a fun, unique channel for people to start the day off on a positive note and get their creative juices flowing through music, art and dance in a judgement-free, alcohol-free environment. For more details check out our previous feature on Sunrise 🙂

SN 5   



Start your day off at the hippiest, happiest, most transcendent morning party! 

Give off and feed off the vibe– the kind that’s good for the soul!
Join Sunrise Nation at A4 Space for an extraordinary morning dance experience!
Event Details:
  1. Come as you are, leave revived. Yes, you can come in your pjs if you wish!
  2. Changing rooms will be provided.
  3. The event is free of charge and guest-list only. Just bring cash for purchasing drinks and healthy treats.
  4. To RSVP, send an email to: