15 Minute Summer Tank Top Arm Workout

The Scoop DXB and NYLA Method have joined forces to provide health and wellness tips to all on-the-go individuals through out the summer. Whether you will be in Dubai this summer or traveling, all fitness routines and health tips can be done at home or in your hotel.

NYLA Instructor: Destiny Yard

Quote of the Week: “Workout in the morning before your brain figures out what your doing.”



NYLA Method Tip: When you work your arms, concentrate more time on the triceps than any other muscle group. They take up more of the arm and are the hardest to tone area for women.

Benefit: Tones and sculpts the shoulders, arms, chest and upper back.

Exercise Steps:

  1. Arm Motions / Movements

  2. Feet Hip Distance, Slight Bend in the Knees, Arms in Second (EX. Holding a beach ball)



  1. Arms out and in for 20 Reps



  1. Arms Circles 20 Reps each Direction

  2. Arms Push out and Extend 20 Reps

20140619_184728 20140619_184720

  1. Shoulders Rotate Forward and Back 20 Reps

  2. Rotate Palms Back, Push Back 20 Reps



  1. Shift Weight Forward. Heel planted spine and neck long. Palms Raise Roof 20 Reps

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20140619_184645 20140619_184703

  1. Finish by swing arms forward 20 reps crossing, 20 seconds swimming Arms up and down


  1. Movement option 2 or instead

Same Series Add Weight 1.5kg