Jam Bar Co

Introducing #TheGoodDonut: Donuts that are not filled with hard-to-pronounce chemicals, and heaps of artificial junk. Jam Bar is bringing back old-fashioned, homemade, perfectly crisp donuts that are made with honest and real ingredients!

There is an abundance of flavors, that include: Mrs. Patterson’s Old Fashioned, Raspberry Wham Jam, Twinkle Sprinkle, Toasty Coconut, Boston Common, Vanilla Deluxe, Boss Chocolate…to name a few! Toasty Conconut was one of my favorites!

Jam Bar also offers coffee, soda floats, and ice cream. With a cozy seating area next to the waterfall, you get to enjoy your GOOD treats away from the Dubai Mall crowd.


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Location: Dubai Mall, 1st Floor, Near the Waterfall

Contact Details: 043308737

Social Media: @Jambarco – Instagram