Swing Yoga at Fit Republik

Swing Yoga has been on my list to try for quite some time! As soon as I heard that FitRepublik, Dubai’s newest & largest fitness hub which is now open in Dubai Sports City, I immediately rushed to give it a try. 


Swing Yoga is a new and innovative yoga discipline that uses hammocks with adjustable handles in order to perform different poses. The one hour-long class is suitable for beginners and promotes stretching, flexibility and balance. Swing Yoga focuses on the development and flexibility of the spine, hamstrings and hip flexors. The majority of the poses also work towards improving core strength and improving postural stability.


Anyone who has back issues, or suffers from back pain, should try Swing Yoga! I was surprised how much better my back felt immediately the day after the class. In addition to decompressing the spine, Swing Yoga also helps to increase your strength and flexibility.


You absolutely have to listen to the instructor every step of the way, and TRUST the hammock. The class is a real mind-body-spirit experience!

Location: Fit Republik Fitness Center, The Academics, Dubai Sports City

Contact Details: 045561800 ; info@fitrepublik,ae

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