#HomegrownLeaders: The [sameness] Project

The [sameness] Project is a Dubai-based team of social innovators that facilitate online and offline projects which inspire moments of sameness between people.

The Scoop DXB interviews the inspiring team behind all the goodness!

The Team…

Aimee, Jonny, Lina, Fiona

 The Making Of The [sameness] Project…

It was a personal visit to Lina’s home of Palestine in 2008 that initiated her feelings of ‘sameness’. After just having her first child and meeting another new mother, an Israeli woman, her world view expanded beyond the plight of her own people, but to the plight of all humans. This spurred her to return to Dubai and resign as COO of her market research firm YouGovSiraj and began what is now called the sameness project

Lina is Palestinian, raised between Vancouver and Dubai. She has an extensive background in research and started the first all-Arab qualitative research firm in the Middle East which was acquired by YouGov. Jonny and Aimee, are from New Zealand. Jonny has a solid background in youth work, social work, digital media and journalism. Aimee is an internationally exhibited installation artist. Fiona is from Canada, and has a publishing, events and communications background.

We are small team of social innovators. We aim to take negative social issues & put a positive spin on them through creative solutions (ie. in Dubai, labour issues, social class, nationality divisions & Arts/Culture challenges, all take a toll on the community’s heart). 

We operate as a social enterprise!


A Team Secret…

Every day at 3:00pm we leave the office, walk to the corner store, and have an official chocolate break. It keeps the sanity in check.

Living in the UAE since…

Lina has been here for 20 years. Jonny, Aimee & Fiona have been here for 4.5 years.

What do you love most about the UAE?

Lina: US. Making wild dreams a reality. The unexpected all in one place.

Jonny: The diversity of so many different nationalities being in one place.

Aimee: It’s plethora of cultures.

Fiona: I love how it’s enabled me to explore so many new things from work, to travel, to people, to passions. The list is simply endless.

Your favorite spot in the UAE:

Lina: All the public beaches. Especially Kite Beach.

Jonny: Sunset beach when there are waves & I can surf.

Aimee: Specifically Dubai: Al Fahidi & the creek edge, UAE: The Umm Al Qwuain/RAK coast & ocean.

Fiona: Beach road around 4:45pm.



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