Water For Workers – May 9th 2015

Water for Workers is one of the greatest initiatives I’ve participated in since moving to Dubai. On May 9th, more than 400 volunteers took part in creating moments of sameness with workers that we see day after day working in unpleasant environments across Dubai, under the scorching heat.

Here’s a quick Snapshot of how the day flowed:

1) We met at the Collegiate American School at 10AM. Signed In, Choose our Community on the Dubai Map, & then Loaded our Cars with Boxes of Water & Handkerchiefs. 

2) We Divided & Conquered! My group & I visited construction sites across Dubai Marina and handed out our supplies. 


“We care about you!” was the message written in a variety of languages on each Handkerchief. It was a great tool that we used to start a conversation with each worker….. Finding out where they are originally from, their language, and how long they have been in Dubai. 

The experience was about more than just handing out water, it was about exchanging conversations, smiles, & moments of sameness. Afterall we are all workers in Dubai.

The next Water for Workers project will be back on June 13th. Stay Tuned for Registration Timings. I highly recommend that you sign up 🙂