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Welcome to The Scoop DXB!

I’ve been living in Dubai since 2010, happily working with a multinational (that I love), and AbSoLuTeLy LoViNg LiFe in Dubai.

Ever since I moved here from Canada, I’ve been overwhelmed (in a positive way) with the never ending options of things to do! There are so many restaurants/ cafes/ beaches & pools/ spas/ waterparks/ festivals/ concerts/ events/ nail spas/ hair salons/ gyms/ shops / etc. to check out ; & SO LITTLE TIME.

Since I’ve grown to love trying new things during my free time (ranging from new restaurants to random adventures), I decided to share my different experiences and opinion about various places, to try to make your planning, decision-making, and life a little easier!

Keeping in mind that I do work for a living, my blog posts will be short and sweet to cater to the time constraints of all the working ladies and gents in Dubai. As well, I’ll only be posting about the places or activities that I’ve tried and liked.

For anyΒ inquiries, you can contact me via e-mail at dana.kalache@thescoopdxb.com .

Thank you for visiting & I hope you find my blog useful!